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Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs)

ECLOs provide patients with a recently diagnosed or an on-going eye condition practical and emotional support to help them understand their diagnosis so they can come to terms with their sight loss and maintain their independence.

What can your ECLO do you for you?

Once a patient is referred from their consultant, the ECLO can then advise and explain to the patient the process of formal registration with a visual impairment and what it entails. Registration can provide a number of benefits to people living with sight loss. They can also provide advice on employment, managing within the home and any other difficulties or concerns they have concerning their eye condition.

ECLOs provide emotional support by spending dedicated time with all patients following their appointment. This can be to give advice and guidance as well as a listening ear so that they can discuss the impact the condition may have on their life. They can also give advice on money worries, employment, coping at home and any other difficulties they may have in a none medical way.

They can refer patients to a wide range of sight loss charities and organisations that can assist with Access Technology, Social Groups, Sport & Leisure Activities as well as Rehabilitation that will provide Mobility training, Orientation and Daily Living Skills within the home and the community.

ECLOs in Birmingham

The Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) work in the Ophthalmology departments at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Birmingham Midland Eye Centre at City Hospital alongside consultants, doctors and nursing staff.

ECLOs can supply a variety of information to help the patient understand their eye condition as well as dedicated material for any specific eye conditions.


If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of the Eye Clinic Liaison Officers, or would like more information, you can ask your hospital consultant or contact Russell and Talia directly. Details below.


Image of ECLO Talia

Talia Dewhurst

Queen Elizabeth

07794 086139

Image shows ECLO Russ sitting with Guide Dog Sparks.

Russell Stephenson

Birmingham Midland Eye Centre

0121 507 6737
07814 968200