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Information, advice and guidance sessions

“The whole event was a fantastic platform of positive learning, awareness and understanding. Denise‚Äôs knowledge passion and enthusiasm excelled to the highest level.”

Image shows Denise Demonstrating a gadget .

We hold regular Information, advice and guidance sessions once at month at both Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) and Birmingham Midland Eye Centre (BMEC) alongside the ECLO service we provide.
Denise has a wide variety of equipment to demonstrate and can give advice and tips on daily living skills, gadgets and mobility. With 4 years experience in the Sight Loss sector and a visual impairment herself, Denise is well aware of the barriers that people living with sight loss experience on a daily basis.

Image shows a table full of Assistive tech and gadgets


As well as IAG Days, we offer Sight Loss Awareness Training, you can find out more by clicking here.